10/10/11- Anyone have a Kite???

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Oct-13-2011

 Day two with John and Mike started at 9pm with the tide still coming in as we headed down the Intracoastal. With the weather conditions similar to the previous day our choices of places to fish was isolated to several miles of shoreline that was being protected from the wind. The fishing began with each angler catching a few small Speckled Trout and more exotics. As the tide began to turn we found a school of White Trout feeding and were able to land several before Mr. Dolphin arrived and brought our bite to a hault. During the course of the night we were able to locate more White Trout, Speckled Trout, Small Redfish, Ladyfish and several Exotics but no Big Redfish. As with our first days trip i enjoyed the time that i was able to spend getting to know John and Mike and if there were ever two guys that i wanted to see land a big Redfish this would be them. I’m not sure if it was the black cat that crossed the road in front of me on the way to the ramp on day 1 or if it was because of the wind conditions that caused the small craft advisory we faced for two days but never the less Grand Daddy Redfish will have to be caught another day.

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