10/22/11- Big Reds

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Oct-22-2011

 Another great trip with 2nd Lt. Josh Kerzie of the USMC. This morning started of with a breath taking view of a Deer crossing the span of water between the island adjacent to the Oyster Bar and the marsh land located behind Purple Parrot. With the sun not yet on the horizon the sky was a beautiful combination of orange just above the water that faded softly into what was left of the night sky. After staring in amazement we both scrambled for our cameras. The view must have been meant for only us because before we could snap a shot the Deer disapeared into the marsh. This must have been a sign of what our short morning trip was going to be like. We spent a few hours in the pass and were able to land a mixed bag of Redfish, Red Snapper, Sharks and a very hungry Stingray. As always, it was a priviledge for me to be able to fish with a soldier from our Armed Forces.

 Cooler temperatures have the Redfish and Flounder on the move so give us a call to book a trip for some great Fall fishing.

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