10/24/11- Six Species in One Trip

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Oct-24-2011

 Today i was able to fish with Martin Zomerschoe and his son Martin Jr. and these guys pulled everything in the boat except the kitchen sink. Our morning started off with both father and son bringing White Trout to the boat one after another with more doubles than i can remember. After the two had their fill of Trout we put down the artificial baits and headed in search of larger fish. We arrived at the next spot just after sunrise and Mr. Zomerschoe decided that he would join me in watching Martin Jr. try his luck at catching Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. I think Mr. Zomerschoe could see how much fun i was having just teaching Jr. about the different species, their feeding habits and why we were using certain baits and techniques for each. Mr. Zomerschoe has fished all over the world and as we were both sharing tips and stories with Martin Jr. i was able to learn a few things myself about the many offshore Sportfish that he has harvested. After landing some Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish we were off to our next secret spot ( That’s funny when you have a lime green boat with GUIDE SERVICE written on the side). At our next location we fished deep water structure and Jr. was able to land several Red Snapper (Released) and Flounder. Our last trick was going to be putting Jr. on his first Bull Red. The winds had shifted out of the west and the Tarpon Bay 21 handled the swells like a champ. We got to the spot fast and dry and were fishing again in no time. As you can see in the picture above, he got his first Bull Red!!!! The Red fought hard but in the end Jr. was victorious. She measured 38″ and had beautiful spots all down her side. The most impressive part of the catch was Jr.’s understanding and sense of urgency in helping me get her back in the water, ensuring that she would one day give someone else the same drag peeling thrill that she shared with us today. After hooking one more Big Red that got away during a short stuggle ,we decided to call it a day. I think i had as much fun as the Zomerschoe’s and i look forward to fishing with them again in the future.  The water temp was 64 degrees in the Intracoastal Waterway this morning.                                                                                    


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