11/23/11-Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Nov-27-2011

  Tonight i was able to guide Mr. Herschel Johnson and his wife Brenda on a Flounder Gigging trip.This was Brenda’s first time floundering and boy did she catch on quick. With the wind blowing 10-15mph out of the East we were confined to a couple shorelines that were protected from the wind. Visibility being good on those few spots we started our mission of looking at all the critters that were stirring on the night before Thanksgiving. In just a few short minutes , we were able to harvest our first Flounder. With the first one on ice pretty quick, i felt good about the possibilities for the night’s adventure. Before to long Brenda was scooping up big Bluecrabs like eggs on a Easter egg hunt. Herschel was able to harvest some huge Mullet that fit nicely in the icebox with the eight Flounder and oodles of big Bluecrabs. I had a great time with these two and with a fishing trip scheduled for the next day i knew our adventures were only gonna get better. After spending our evening together sharing stories i can say that the Johnson’s love the outdoors and make the most of their vacations each year. With four deer already in the freezer this year to show for their efforts in the woods and fish from both fresh and saltwater vacations, they are going to eat very well this winter. I would like to thank the Johnson’s for bearing with the Captain as he started the trip by trying to figure out why the Q-beam was keeping the boat from making way. After ditching the Q-beam everything was fine!!


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