2/16/12- A Lesson from Dad

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Feb-17-2012

     Today i guided Ronny Ball and his son David from London, Kentucky for some nighttime Trout and Redfish action. Both Ronnie and his son are retired Army Veterans and i was honored to spend the evening with these guys listening to their stories. After warming up on a few Trout and taking a pretty good lead on his son, Ronnie hooked in to the first Redfish of the evening. After a little drag screaming pandamonium on the light tackle rod and reel ,she was landed and photographed with Mr. Ronnie and released. If the smack talking wasn’t already happening it was on for sure after that Redfish hit the boat. A few more Trout were hoisted in and Ronnie did it again!! Yep, another BIG Redfish landed. At this point i was even feeling bad for David, he was landing Trout but the Redfish had him tailing behind and his Dad was letting him know it. Once the fog lifted i guess the stars lined up and David start his comeback. You’ll be glad to know he did get him a big ol’ Redfish and i was as glad as anybody. I know it would have been a long night for him at the condo without a picture of him with a Red. Both gentleman had me in stitches all night and i look forward to fishing with them again in the future. Ronny and David thank you for your service to our country and for the sacrafices your family have made.


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