2/20/12- Lake of the Ozarks

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Feb-23-2012

        Today i was able to guide Joe Ness and his good friend Bill Hoeynck from Missouri. Both gentleman were experienced anglers and were looking for some saltwater action. We started the morning off with some Speckled Trout and were able to land a few Flounder in the process. After a rather slow morning with the Trout and Flounder we switched to live bait and went on a quest for a few Sheepshead. The Sheepshead weren’t in full swing but we were able to get a some takers after scraping the barnacles from the pilings to chum them up a bit. All in all the bite was slower than normal but between the Flounder, Trout and Sheepshead the fellas were able to get a nice mess of fillets to take home for a fish fry. I had a great time spending the day with the two gentleman and look forward to our next adventure on the water. With wind and rain in the forecast for the coming week trips are being moved around on the calendar to ensure the best weather possible for the upcoming clients. Stay tuned for more Captains Journal entries to see what’s biting.

Lost Bay Fishing thought it would be fun to compile a map of the hometowns of past clients, below is the location of the client(s) that were a part of this specific trip. To see the map with all the past clients' hometowns click here ››

Client Hometown:

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