2/25/12- “T” Town Gang

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Feb-26-2012

   Today i was able to guide Tana, Mike, Chris and Lacy from Tuscaloosa, Alabama for some back bay Trout, Redfish and Flounder action. Shortly after leaving the boat ramp and getting in the open bay we were met with extremely high wind gust from the Northeast. The Tarpon Bay 21 performed like a champ allowing us to scoot along at 40mph right on top of the whitecap swells with a dry comfortable ride. After a little instruction on our artificial baits and technique the group was landing fish like they had been inshore anglers their entire lives. Mike landed big fish of the day with a really nice upper slot size Redfish but everyone did outstanding with the Flounder. After watching me catch the first Flounder just minutes in to the trip, the group quickly adapted to the salt life and ended up landing around eleven or twelve not counting the ones lost at the boat. A couple smaller Reds were caught along with a largemouth bass and one lonely Speckled Trout. The final keep for the Roll Tide group was 7 Flounder and 1 nice Redfish, all other fish were released to fight another day. Water temp climbed to 58 degrees today after a cold night tried to effect our bite. I enjoyed spending the day with the “T” Town gang and look forward to fishing with them in the future. Tana your a trooper fishing all day in flip flops while we were all in thermals and jackets!!




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