3/24/12- Country Folks Can Survive

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Mar-29-2012

     Tonight i guided Steve Reynolds and his son Parker for some Trout and Redfish action. The Reynolds are from Canoe, Alabama and man can these two fish. Our evening started off a little slow with a couple Trout and a small Redfish. Once the sun went down we changed our strategy and headed for the back of the bayou. Striking Trout almost immediately on the first post sunset cast i knew the action was fixing to be on like Donky Kong. With Steve and Parker snatching on the Trout pretty good we decided to move a liile further south and try out the Redfish. The stars lined up perfect and we were on the Redfish in no time. The Reynolds are great people to spend your evening with on the water. Steve is a master trapper, hunter, marksman and fishing extraordinaire. Son Parker is just a shorter version of his father being skilled at most of the same things. I love sharing stories with my clients of times spent in the woods or on the water and tonight was no different, i had a blast. Thanks Steve and Parker for choosing Lost Bay Guide Service and i look forward to seeing you this fall on a Flounder trip. As always, i would like to thank Mr. Steve Reynolds for his service to our country as a member of the United States Marine Corps. “We say grace and we say mam, if you ain’t in to that we don’t give a damn.”

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