4/3/12- Chesty Puller Would Be Proud

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Apr-13-2012

     This afternoons trip was with Erik Richards and his good friend Captain Regan Kieff of the United States Marine Corps. These two gentleman were a blast. They fished hard all night in search of that big ol’ Redfish but kept dragging in the Speckled Trout and smaller Redfish instead. During the course of the evening we fished several bayous and shared stories along the way. Another fish that we encountered along our journey was a Hybrid Speckled Trout. If you close at the picture you can see that it looks like a big White Trout but with Specks in his tail and dorsal fin. Living in Louisiana Captain Regan is surrounded by outstanding fisheries and unbelievable duck hunting, for this outdoorsman that truly is paradise. Erik and i are surely gonna have to travel to the marsh this fall to meet up with Captain Regan for some of that world famous “Blasting and Casting”. Guys Thank You so much for choosing Lost Bay Guide Service and i look forward to seeing you again soon. Special Thank You to Captain Regan and his family for the sacrifices they made for our country during his four tours of duty in Iraq.



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