4/5/12- Jon”Tight Line” Tippin Strikes Again

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Apr-13-2012

      Well this morning was one of the few that i have ever had where the client did not show up for our trip. Most of my clients ask if i require a deposit to hold a day on the calendar, i always reply with “Your word is good enough for me”. With no contact able to be made from my end i can only hope that in this case everyone is fine and that somehow my number was lost making them unable to call. Never the less with the boat in the water at 5am and very little wind there wasnt but one thing that a guy could do. As i slowly made my way down the intracoastal waterway i could see there was very little water movement but i pulled over to the first spot with high hopes regardless. After boating a few Trout in very short order i decided to call Jon “Tight Lines” Tippin and see if he wanted to join the action. With a simple text at just after 5am i had a response. In typical Ol’ Salt fashion he replied “I’ll see you in 20 minutes.”  With the tide all the way out we headed south and encountered nice Speckled Trout just before daylight. After boating several of those it was off to see if the Redfish would be willing to play this morning. Tight Lines Tippin let all of Orange Beaches charter fleet know that the fish were biting as they passed by us under the bridge where Jon stood perched up on the bow with the light action rod bent in half and his artificial bait stuck to the jaw of a very energetic Bull Red. After landing that fish and another slot fish we raced back to the ramp to beat the approaching storm. A great morning of fishing complete by 7am and another show put on by the Perdido Key native Jon Tippin.


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