9/17/11- Flounder Hunt with 2nd Lt. Josh Kerzie USMC

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Sep-19-2011

Lieutenant Kerzie is stationed at NAS Pensacola for flight training and has been getting familiar with our fishery since he arrived. A Flounder Hunt was something that he had never experienced so we decided to give that a try first. At 9pm we arrived at the undisclosed location that we have code named “The Spot”. I covered a few things with the Lieutenant about what we were looking for and the area we would be searching and then i turned on the Halogen lights. The first Flounder was spotted and in the cooler in less than five minutes. We eased down the bank in 1-2 feet of water and saw a good number of Blue Crabs, Needle Fish, small Redfish, Eels, Catfish and a few Sheepshead. We were able to see 21 Flounder over the course of the trip but only found 4 that we deemed to be keepers. There were some very large fresh beds where Flounder had been laying just hours before but with it being Saturday night and several boats in the same area i believe those fish are real lucky or real tasty. I enjoyed spending the evening with Lieutenant Kerzie and look forward to our next trip where i plan to see him hooked to a Redfish with his Fly rod.

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Client Hometown: Pensacola, Florida
Client: Josh Kerzie

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