August 31,2011- Flounder Jubilee

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Sep-5-2011

Today i took Johnny Willis, Noah Mitchell and Jon Tippin on a Flounder hunt. We hit the water about 30 minutes before dusk and enjoyed the sunset on what would soon be known as “The day the Jubilee took place.” We started early so the boys could get in some Floundering and still get in bed at a decent hour since it was a school night. The lights hadn’t been on 5 minutes when i spotted the first one right on the bank in several inches of water. He was legal but small so we let him grow for another day. Blue Crabs were everywhere but i really didn’t think a lot of it because this time of year plenty of Blue Crabs can be harvested with a net while Floundering if that’s what your looking to do. As we approached a sandbar Johnny took the first Flounder.Shortly after that he got another one. With Noah now ready we started across the sandbar and in about 12 inches of water we started seeing small flounder every few feet. Noah ended up gigging two Flounder that were very nice after seeing fifteen or twenty smaller ones. The boys had a great time seeing the Flounder,Crabs,Redfish,Mullet,Stingrays,Shrimp and bait fish. I was very proud of both of boys and only wished at 13 years old i could spot Flounder as good as them. After taking them home Jon and i started back at it having no idea that it would be a trip that very few anglers ever get to experience. As we started down the bank we noticed there were small Eels everywhere. When i saw the Eels i told Jon “We are fixing to be right in the middle of a Jubilee.” Years earlier i had seen these exact same conditions on the Eastern Shore in Fairhope Al. and it was something i knew i would never forget. Around midnight Jon decided we needed to start counting the Flounder we were seeing. Over the next couple of hours we counted 246!!!!!! Most were small to barely legal but it sure was fun to watch. We ended up with 17 very nice Flounder and left all others to grow for another day.



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