Fishing Report: Nighttime Test Run

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Aug-21-2011

Last night Monica and I took Janet Graddy and Donnie Beckham of Brewton Al. out for a test run on the new Flounder Rig. The boats lights and deck were designed by Fayards Marine Fabrication. The boat did great and floats extremely shallow. With water clarity dirty to very dirty on the mud flats Janet and Donnie liked the idea of critter looking in clear water near the pass.

As we started out across the flats near Fort McRae they were able to see more critters than they could have imagined. Redfish, Mullet, Pinfish, Stingray, Sheepshead, Jellyfish and Blue Crabs were everywhere. The water was clear and we stayed in about 3ft of water over the flats. At one point Dolphin were playing all around the boat and were even in the lights in super shallow water. Janet decided to twinkle her toes in the water and the Dolphin surprised us all by making a very close pass under the lights. As we moved around near the pass eventually even two Flounder showed up and Monica treated them to a Gig Kabob. Kinda slow night for Flounder but Dolphin around the boat most of the night and plenty to see.

Pictures do not do this trip justice i’m still learning the new camera.

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