Great weather brings loads of Red Snapper and Amberjack

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Jun-22-2014

10505564_771256272913917_4959150255062746928_n 10372351_769967279709483_7579780577805894865_n10492078_769632899742921_3973734725511067578_n           This years Snapper season has been packed with great weather and loads of big fish. Many repeat clients that normally fish the flats for Trout and Redfish have decided to try the incredible offshore fishing our area has to offer. It’s been my pleasure to see the faces of the anglers as they battle the hard fighting fish found in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lost Bay Fishing thought it would be fun to compile a map of the hometowns of past clients, below is the location of the client(s) that were a part of this specific trip. To see the map with all the past clients' hometowns click here ››

Client Hometown:

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