Loads of Recent Trip Pictures

Posted by Captain Bill Willis on Dec-21-2013

Be sure to click on the Facebook link located on our website to see RECENT trip pics. The Big Redfish and Trout continue to be on fire as the water temperature is down around 55 degrees. The last couple months trips have been diverse to say the least with fly fisherman, Bass fisherman, repeat clients, very skilled anglers and a good many families just looking to make memories. It has been an incredible season and 2014 looks to be even better. Book now and join the many anglers who have experienced the incredible Winter fishing here on the panhandle.

Lost Bay Fishing thought it would be fun to compile a map of the hometowns of past clients, below is the location of the client(s) that were a part of this specific trip. To see the map with all the past clients' hometowns click here ››

Client Hometown:

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